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Coffee Mask Scrub

Coffee Mask Scrub

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This all purpose scrub that is popular to our customers aids in clearing acne, blemishes, and fade away stretch marks + dark marks. Works on all skin types. Helps balance oily/dry skin. Best when kept in room temperature. Keep in mind this product is made up of all natural ingredients. After each use, please make sure to keep it tightly closed and in a area that is not moist so it can hold a longer shelf time. Till then, scrub + exfoliate like there is no tomorrow.


  • Active acne, stretch marks, dark marks, ingrown hairs. For ALL skin types including eczema.
  • Best when used 2x daily (morning + night) 
  • Don't forget to moisturize after! Dry skin isn't for you.
      Use product in the morning and night
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